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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Estate Sale?   

Estate Sales is an on-premises sale of the contents of an estate. It is not an auction or a garage sale.   

What should you expect from an estate sale provider?

  • All Minnesota Estate Sale Liquidators must be Bonded
  • A provider who will sign a contract, contracts are not just for the estate liquidator but also for you.  They protect you by communicated price and work to be completed
  • A provider who will clearly convey all of the aspects of their business
  • Interview 2 or 3 providers before making a decision
  • Check for workers comp and liability insurance.
  • Check for business legitimacy on sites, such as:  BBB and Secretary of State of MN/Business- 
  • Most Estate Sales will not charge you upfront.  The cost of the sale will be taken from the proceeds of the sale.  If you are being charged up-front for fees,  be clear what the fee is for so you understand why you are writing a check

Why do I need an estate sale company? 

Yes, people can do their own estate sale. However, a legitimate company will drive business to the estate sale thus increasing your ability to sell more.

What kind of price can I expect? 

That will depend upon many factors, such as: 

  • The contents of the sale
  • The type of sale - is it an estate, online auction or both
  • The difficultly of the setup
  • The difficulty of working with the owners
  • Clean out or not

Taxes - do I need to pay taxes on the estate sale? 

That will depend upon the type of sale and where the sale will be held, check with the State Department of Revenue.