I have often been asked why do I like being an Estate Sale Liquidator.  For me the answer is simple, I like helping people! 

I face very different people who are charged with very different situations and it seems that no two are alike:   

  • You have the daughter who must liquidate her mother’s assets because she has just been moved to a nursing home.  She is caught between a rock and a hard place because Mom wants to keep everything. 
  • You have the Son who has been given the task of Executor and now needs figure out how to address the desires of an emotional family but still accomplish the task of Executor.
  • You have the couple who is downsizing and needs to just move on from their former lifestyle and all the “THINGS”
  • You have the niece or nephew who did not expect to handle Auntie Bee estate but they found out last week they are the Executor. 
  • You have those estates that have no wills and struggle with finalizing the assets. 
  • You have foreclosures and short sells
  • and many other stories that just put people in the middle of emotional challenges.   

The biggest asset I can bring is comfort, a glass of cold water in the middle of their challenge.  We help with hearts as much as we help with things.  We give assurance that we will take care of it. We give peace were chaos once reigned.  We step in the gap and for some form the bridge. We take care of the yucky, messy, not sure how to describe it chaos so our clients don't have to. 

Am I perfect…NO!  I wish everything I did for them was perfect but perfection is not a reality in this lifetime.  I try my hardest not to make mistakes and strive to learn from my mistakes.  That is why we use the WOW Forms.  They have helped us learn from the client’s perspective what we need to change and where we have stumbled. 

Estate Liquidation is not just a job for us, it’s an opportunity to: serve our fellow-man; re-home treasures; recycle; employee people, embrace each community we serve,etc.  We can stand back at the end of the day and we can say where there was chaos in this little corner of the world I made it better.  

Respectfully submitted: 

Dee Holseth, 

Old Is Knew, llc.